Heavy Hauling of Any Type... Any Size... Anywhere

Utility Transport offers Contract Hauling of Equipment Throughout the Region

Experience Matters When it Comes to Heavy Equipment Hauling

Regardless of if your load requires a flatbed, a lowboy or a step deck, you can count on Utility Transport Service to have the equipment necessary to load fast, fasten securely and haul your equipment to any jobsite in the Tri-State, Greater Chicago Region:

  • Northern Illinois
  • Northwestern Indiana
  • Southern Wisconsin

Our drivers are fully certified for safety, security and job skill performance and come highly recommended in the region.

Flatbed Trailer Hauling

Low-Boy Trailer Hauling

Step Deck Trailer Hauling

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Why Choose Us for Your Heavy Equipment Hauling

Flatbed trailers are an important part of the Utility Transport trucking fleet.

Utility Transport Service runs three types of flatbed trailers for the movement of equipment and goods across the Tri-State region. With their open beds and ability to handle heavy loads, these workhorses are responsible for transporting a large amount of cargo across the country every single day. Flatbed trailers make it easy to load equipment onto the trailer, quickly relocating these bulky items to the right destination. In addition to being able to move equipment that would be difficult to drive to job sites, flatbed trailers make it possible for a single operator to transport multiple pieces of equipment at once. This improves efficiency while ensuring the safe transport of important construction and roadside equipment. During equipment hauling, items will be driven onto the flatbed or lifted onto the trailer. From there, they will be secured to the trailer using specialized ratchets and straps. 

Utility Transport for Equipment & Material Hauling

In addition to construction equipment hauling, you may count on Utility Transport Service to be prepared to use their flatbed fleet to move other large or bulk items like:

  • Oversized Piping
  • Large load Rebar
  • Prefab Trusses, Long-length Lumber
  • Large Concrete Prefabs
  • Modular Buildings
  • Steel Frames
  • Scaffolding
  • Fencing & Barricades
  • Scrap I-Beams or Concrete Platforms
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Utility Transport for Equipment & Material Hauling

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