Carting Away the Excavation Spoils Materials

Utility Transport offers Contract Hauling of Construction Spoils Throughout the Region

Loading and Hauling the Spoils, Demolition Debris & Waste Materials from Your Project or Jobsite

The USEPA and the Illinois Department of Environmental Protection have strict regulations concerning the reapplication of excavated material, or 'spoils'. This usually will make it far less costly to remove and relocate the materials to a third-party facility than to stop everything to run the tests and fill out the paperwork to reuse the fill materials.

For this reason, many construction and site preparation companies turn to Utility Transport Service to cart away the excavation waste or 'spoils'. This can include gravel under roadways, new foundation digs, old foundation removals, chemical spill-site clean-ups and building demolitions. Contractors understand that Utility Transport Delivers on Spoils Removals.

Demolition Debris

Excavation Spoils

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Why Choose Us for Your Spoils Removal Hauling

Aligned with An Assortment of Delivery Locations.

Utility Transport Service makes use of a broad assortment of refuse and reclaim yards and facilities in the Chicagoland area that can perform all of the sorting, testing and reclamation services required of your excavation or demolition spoils. An article from Thrive Global does an excellent job of detailing each of the twelve types of excavation materials - all of which Utility Transport is equipped to haul from your jobsite

  • Topsoil Removal
  • Rock Excavation & Removal
  • Earth (below topsoil) Removal
  • Muck Excavation
  • Unclassified Soil Removal
  • Cut & Fill Excavation
  • Utility Trench Preparation
  • Basement Excavation
  • Road Construction
  • Bridge Site Preparation
  • Dredging
  • Over Excavation
Utility Transport for Equipment & Material Hauling
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Utility Transport for Equipment & Material Hauling

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